India is a treasure house of variety of stones. It virtually has inexhaustible resources of marble, granite, sandstone, slates, flaggy limestone, quartzite etc. spread over the whole of India. India is one of the main producers of stones, especially granite and marble in the world with a share of about 27% of the world production. The major Indian stone products are marble, granite, flaggy limestone (known locally as Kota Stone), slate and Quartzite. India ranks third in stone exports after China and Italy.


Rajasthan is the mainstay of the Indian stone industry and is a cradle of mineral wealth. It has over 94% of the country’s marble, sandstone & flaggy limestone deposits along with a major share of Granite & Slate deposits. Stone deposits are distributed all over the state of Rajasthan. Marble industry in Rajasthan is very completely urbanized with mechanized quarries, tiling plants, gang saws etc.


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