Difference between Marble Flooring v/s Ceramic tiles

If you are living in a city like Delhi, Jaipur or Chennai, which have hot climatic conditions, it is a good option to invest in flooring to keep your house cool during summer. With the right kind of flooring, you can cut down the use of ACs and coolers and hence reduce electricity bills.


How do you choose flooring?


Natural materials such as stone, clay, timber and thatch are more suitable to keep homes cool during summer and warm in winter. Apart from focusing on materials, the other aspects such as budget, the look, durability and maintenance of the flooring should be considered.


Some of the popular choices are:


Marble and Granite


These stone floors can keep you cool on a hot, sunny day! Apart from being easy to clean,

the floorings can survive spills and dirt. However, marble flooring can make you feel very cold during winters.


Concrete Flooring


This flooring is environment-friendly. Despite keeping the floor cool during summer, the material also has the ability to absorb heat from the sun and keep your flooring warm during winter. You can have glass, tiles and colored particles incorporated in the flooring to suit your style.


Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified Tiles


Tiles are very popular as they are easy to maintain when compared to other flooring options. Tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Vitrified tiles are more convenient to use when compared to ceramic tiles as they are tougher and scratch-resistant. In humid and warm climatic conditions, tile flooring remains cool and gives a comfortable feel. They are also durable and long-lasting.


So here’s hoping for a cooler summer this season!