South India

Being one of the hardest of the dimension stone types, granite was historically avoided by the smaller, local stone fabricating shops, who favoured marbles and limestones due to their easier working properties.The major constituents of Indian Granite Stone are Feldspar, Quartz and few other minerals. Indian Granite industry is better known for it’s qualitative product of wide variety of granite shades.


The history of Granite Mining in India goes back to 11th century. High Volume use of Indian Granites can easily be seen at large hindu temples. South Indian granite products have remained a symbol of quality & beauty since centuries. We are Suppliers of Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles, Granite Countertops and Granite Kitchen Tops.


Commercial Trade Information and Terms :-


Price :- Display Price list free. This enable buyer to quickly decide whether or not the material is in their budget. It greatly reduces the negotiation time and effort and frustration for both you and the buyer. The buyer can also decide about sizes more easily.


Use the price lists to get a general idea about prices, quality etc. Email your purchase order or counter offer or specific inquiry.


Do remember that price is a variable. It depends on quantity, size, delivery period, payment terms etc.


Price is ex-factory Price excluding transportation cost, taxes, insurance, loading and unloading. 



Types Low & Filling Range Average & Commerical Range High & Premium Range
Price Below display price Display price Above display price
Advantages Very cheap price Good quality & affordable price Superior quality
Disadvantages Crack fill chemical Some variations in design     ————–
People Choice 6% people interest 83% people interest 11% people interest




Stone Surface :- Lines Patterns, Figure Patterns, Dots Patterns etc.


Size :- 8*2,10*2.5, 12*2.25, 9*2.5, 8*4, 10*5 Sq. feet or many more.


Thickness :- Normal thickness with a tolerance of +-1mm.


Delivery Method :- Material will be loaded in presence of party.


Delivery Time :-  With in 3-7 Days on receipts of payment.(According to state & city)


Minimum Order :- One trucks i.e. 2000 Sq.Ft.


Ready Stock :- 50000 Sq.ft(All Product) 


Name:- Absoulte Black


Price :- 175 - 270 INR

Design :- Black

Name:- Black Galaxy


Price :- 160 - 300 INR

Design :- Black

Name:- Black Pearl


Price :- 90 - 150 INR

Design :- Black

Name:- Brass Blue


Price :- 130 - 160 INR

Design :- Blue

Name:- Coffee Brown


Price :- 120 - 150 INR

Design :- Brown

Name:- Golden Juparana


Price :- 115 - 150 INR

Design :- Brown

Name:- Hassan Green


Price :- 115 - 140 INR

Design :- Green

Name:- Icon Brown


Price :- 140 - 165 INR

Design :- Brown

Name:- Kashmir White


Price :- 80 - 105 INR

Design :- White

Name:- Madurai Gold


Price :- 155 - 210 INR

Design :- Yellow

Name:- Mutli Red


Price :- 80 - 160 INR

Design :- Red

Name:- Paradiso


Price :- 130 - 165 INR

Design :- Multicolor

Name:- Pink Juparana


Price :- 150 - 180 INR

Design :- Pink

Name:- Raw Silk


Price :- 120 - 145 INR

Design :- Pink

Name:- Tan Brown


Price :- 110 - 150 INR

Design :- Multicolor

Name:- Himalayan Blue


Price :- 145 - 160 INR

Design :- Blue