Kitchen Flooring

The flooring material you choose for your kitchen should blend well with your home decor and should also serve its purpose in terms of practicality. So, you need to choose the flooring with care and consideration on its function and durability.


Kitchen Flooring Tips

• Check Durability


Every kitchen floor undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Since your kitchen floor needs to survive from food spills, stains, grease and dirt, you need to choose flooring material that is durable.


Flooring materials like vinyl, ceramic tiles and laminate, rank high in terms of durability. They are strong and resilient and maintain their look over years. Scratch resistant options in laminate flooring will be very useful in the kitchen.


• Maintenance


Even if you try hard to avoid spilling food in the kitchen, you will somehow get stains. If you have chosen the wrong kind of flooring, then you will have to take extra care in watching your floors.


So choose floors that are resistant to stains and provide low maintenance. Just by wiping the floor with a moist cloth or sponge, you should be able to clean up the floors easily.


• Determine Design and Pattern


Even though the kitchen has its own individual purpose, it is still a part of your home interior. So it advisable not to choose your kitchen flooring that is in total contrast to your home decor.


Look for flooring design and color that blends well with the rest of your house. You also need to keep your kitchen countertop in mind before choosing the right flooring pattern. You can choose from a wide range of colors, tones and patterns of flooring available in the market.


• Places of Installation


Tiles are not only installed on the floors, but also in the walls. If you want your kitchen walls to have tiles then choose the same patterned or colored tiles for your flooring. A tile can be placed as a backsplash behind a stove, or on the wall under the overhead cabinets.


So, you need to decide where and how long you will have the tiles installed in your kitchen. Consider the usage and the design before choosing tiles for your flooring.


• Determine Your Budget


The first and foremost thing to do before choosing your kitchen flooring is to determine your budget. Kitchen flooring like granite and marble can be very expensive whereas designer tiles are cheaper.


Since you choose flooring that is water resistant and durable, you can have a cost-effective flooring design in your kitchen that works for a very long time.