Marble for construction :

  • For thousands of years Marble has been used, as a decorative material for Walls and Floors and its natural beauty remains unsurpassed. Marble provides a durable finish of recognizable quality, which is considered essential for many prestige buildings today.
  • In quality housing Marble is used for floors, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces. More and More ordinary homes owners are enhancing their living environment by employing these beautiful materials.
  • Applications Marble can be used for internal wall linings and external cladding, all mechanically fixed to the structure, as well as for paving, stair treads and risers. Marble tiles 10 mm. thick, provide a cost effective alternative to slab for walls and floors in bathroom and toilet areas.
  • All Marbles are suitable for internal use. For external use, Limestone marbles and Travertines are suitable but advice should be taken on the selection of appropriate materials. Polished finishes are not recommended for external applications.
  • Dimensions The maximum size of individual stones will depend on the type of marble and the incidence of fissures, vents and veining characteristics of the particular material.


Recommended Installation Procedure :

  • We recommended the slab to be cut in to 3 pieces, but in India due to heavy preference of large size & seamless floor you can also use the same in 2 pieces for flooring in 17mm to 13 mm thickness.
  • We recommended only latex base adhesives for installation, 5mm to 10mm groove below the skirting for thermal expansion & 3 to 5 mm of expansion joint in a large public area like shopping malls after evry 8 mtrs.
  • In case if you use cement & sand, the proportion of cement vis-a-vis sand should be 1:4, provided the skrid has 0% water retention.
  • There should not be any white cement filling on the surface of the marble & in the joints. You should use only tenex for filling the groutes after 4/5 days of laying of marble. During this period leave the joints open.
  • No POP should be used directly on the marble. Marble should be covered with thick sheet of plastic before applying POP.


Daily Maintenance:

  • Do clean dust, dirt from floor firstonce or twice daily with a broom, non oily dust mop or vacuum. Use a scraper or putty knife to remove any stubborn surface debris.
  • Damp mop or spot clean as necessary, using a pH neutral marble cleaner.
  • Damp mop all areas with clean, warm water.
  • Allow¬† to dry before putting surface back into use.