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For those who are new to Marble business the calculation of landed price may be little confusing. Especially when they are trying to source from Kishangarh directly.

Here we are trying to demystify Marble procurement costs.

There are mainly two delivery terms used:


  • Ex-factory
  • FOR (Free On Road) (e.g. FOR Jaipur, FOR Delhi etc)

Unless specified all manufacturer quote you Ex-factory price. Which means this price is without…

  • Sales tax (or VAT if it is local sale in Rajasthan)
  • Transportation

Now comes the cost calculation part.  We will take a examples. Mr. Sharma needs to order 24x24cm Marble from Kishangarh. The factory offered him Rs. 80 ex-factory

Ex-factory rate                          Rs. 80.00

CST (Central Sales Tax):
Now we will need to add sales tax (CST) amount to this. If Mr. Sharma can provide “C” Form for this sale then only 2% CST will be applied. If Mr. Sharma can’t provide “C” Form then full CST will be levied. Let us assume Mr. Sharma having a firm with sales tax registration. So he can issue a “C” Form.

PLUS  CST @ 2%                       Rs. 1.60
Rs. 81.60

Transportation cost (freight):
We need to calculate the fraction of transportation per unit.
e.g. Kishangarh to Delhi transportation is Rs.300/Tonne (1000 kg)
Now if 1 Slab of 24x24cm is 4 kg there will be 250 such Slab in 1 tonne (1000 kg)
300/250 Slab = Rs. 1.20/Slab transportation cost

So per box transportation will be Rs. 1.20

PLUS  Transportation cost      Rs. 1.20
Rs. 82.80/Slab for 24 x 24 cm  Marble Slab

Hence this final price will be landed price at the destination. It is also called FOR price.



  • Above method can work for any size of Marble & Granite. You will need to know weight per box for different size
  • Please make sure who will arrange for transit insurance. In case factory is arranging transportation they will have all India transit insurance. If you are arranging transportation please arrange for insurance as well!


When you order Marble we recommend adding 7% more than the required quantity due to below reasons…


  • Breakage during transportation
  • Wastage during Marble fixing
  • Mostly you will need to cut Marble at the ends of the room
  • We also recommend keeping extra Marble with you to replace in case there is any future damage to fixes tiles.


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